Writing challenge
Season 5

Write 100 pages of your book in 30 days!

Just write your strory and report the word count. There is no need to show the text intself.

You can connect your NaNoWriMo account.

List mockup
Every 3 days our Facebook group will feature a list of participants who have added at least 3000 words to their novel. To win the challnge one needs to be on the list on november 30.

This challenge is similar to NaNoWriMo and designed to help you stay motivated. 
You will get additional drive by trying to stay on the list  writing at least 3 000 words every 3 days.
After november 12 the "play-off" stage starts, and you will not be able get back on the list.
As a result you will have up to 100 pages of your novel.

There are already 119 574 words have been written during this challenge. 

Join before November 12 and just write 3 000 words to get on the list.
Good luck!

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